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Adult Illiteracy can have a devastating effect on a whole family's quality of life. Inadequate reading skills usually result in limited earning power and low self esteem.

     Approximately 50% of the chronically unemployed are functionally illiterate, and over 80% of unemployed parents lack a high school diploma. Approximately 25% to 50% of the people in U.S. prisons cannot read or write. At least one in five Americans are illiterate, and another 25% are able to read at only rudimentary levels. An inability to read is accompanied by depression, stress, and a lack of self respect.

     EBAB offers programs to help with this problem that plagues the community and helps to build respect with the individual and provide a better quality of life.   You Can Help By both your donations and your volunteer efforts.  Both the community and Educate Beyond All Barriers Thank You For Your Caring Spirit.