The purpose of the Whistleblower Policy is to provide a way for staff and volunteers who believe inappropriate financial transactions, harassment or discrimination are occurring within Educate Beyond All Barriers, Inc. (EBAB) to report such action to those in authority, and be protected for doing so.

Any information regarding suspected theft, fraud, harassment or discrimination should be reported. This excludes issues related to any agency affiliated with EBAB. Calls concerning an affiliated agency should be made to the applicable agency’s hotline.

Whistleblower information should not include how funds are allocated by EBAB and/or by an agency. Calls of that nature should be made to the CEO/Board of Directors of EBAB. Furthermore, reporting personnel issues is not appropriate through this means unless the report is regarding harassment or discrimination that can't be brought to a supervisor's attention for fear of reprisal. This would include, but not be limited to, hiring, termination, promotion, compensation, or supervisory related issues.

The call is received by a representative of a company contracted by EBAB to provide whistleblower services. The company representative will take the caller’s statement, and will ask for their name and telephone number so that an investigator can confidentially contact the caller for any additional details. This will provide a means for the investigator to follow up with the caller and communicate the results of the investigation. Providing the name is optional, even though it would remain in confidence with any EBAB staff. The caller does not have to provide their name, even to the investigator. However, without a name and telephone number, the investigator will not be able to follow up with the caller.

Once the investigator has obtained all the pertinent information, he/she will report the information directly to the EBAB Higher Management (CEO/Board of Directors) who acts as the Governance Committee.  If warranted, an Audit Committee has the authority to act on behalf of the Board and will obtain the professional assistance of others if such is warranted.

Specific action taken against the reported individual/agency will depend upon the outcome of the investigation. EBAB has a “zero tolerance” practice regarding fraud, theft, harassment or discrimination.

EBAB Website:
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The whistleblower contact information shall be posted on the EBAB website (for general public knowledge) and internal IT portals used by staff. Furthermore, the policy shall be verbally communicated to all employees upon hiring and at least once annually. The EBAB board of Directors shall also be updated annually.

Adopted (by concept rather than written policy) by Board of Directors, on January 30, 2013.