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​​A former Chamber of Commerce Leader once said:  "We  have an education crisis in Indianapolis. The central question is, Are we as a community, concerned enough?”  A leading indicator of this education crisis is the dropout problem, which is alarming. In fact, the situation is unsustainable. If this serious problem goes unchecked, it will continue to add to the challenges facing our city and threaten the quality of life for far too many of our young citizens. Did you know that education helps with public safety? 

Please Consider This:  High school dropouts:  Are eight times more likely to be incarcerated or create serious crimes on the streets.  Also, can earn up to $1 million less in their lifetimes than a peer who graduates from college, are more likely burdened by health problems, and will severely strain the system of valuable social services.  Yet, we "Inspire Lives, Removing Barriers".  Our mission is to educate and train youths and adults in innovative education and technology programs which foster opportunities to succeed."

Finally, we welcome your support in the following ways:  Volunteering, Donations of Electronics & Printer Cartridges.  Or make a Monetary Donations via our link at PayPal.Me/EBAB or click the link below. 


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