Comments From Our Students

From James W. (Veteran)
"I am 62 years of age, for employment I yielded to the G
oodwill SCSEP program which is a program for seniors.  While in the program, Educate Beyond All Barriers visited Goodwill and they were available for offering the new GED program.  So, I enrolled with them.  Now I am confident that I can learn due to the teachers and staff at EBAB.  I now have a confident outlook life!  I recently landed a permanent job and I still will attend the program at EBAB until I graduate because of the wonderful program and the way that its ran.  Thank You.

From Thomas H.
Although I have been attending this program for less than 1 month, I am enjoying every part of the class, every single time.  Every time I come to class and learn, I understand every piece of information Ms Jamella gives me and instructs me.  I feel confident that somebody I never met before (the teacher) makes me feel like I know everything (she builds confidence in us).  I came in with a goal and that is to get me GED so I can join the military.  I have goals in life, and since I have come to EBAB my goals will be achieved thanks to my teacher (Ms. Jamella) and staff.  My positive experience so far cannot be explained on a piece of paper but let me try-- Brilliant, Understanding and Excellent to say the least.  Thank You EBAB
From Colin R.
I am a 26 year old student, and this is my third time attempting to obtain my GED.  If it was not for this program, I am not sure where I would be as regards for my education.  This program has really helped me a lot due to a great instructor, all subjects are well explained and done on a step by step process.  I thank Educate Beyond All Barriers, its staff and everyone who makes this possible."

From Christina H
I am a student at Educate Beyond All Barriers and let me tell you Educate Beyond All Barriers is an awesome and fantastic place of learning.  I love my class and love coming to class to be instructed by Ms. Jamella.  She is an awesome teacher.  I like the fact that she has refreshed my mind.  I would encourage more people to come and join us at Educate Beyond All Barriers.

From Delana L.
Educate Beyond All Barriers, the name speaks for itself.  When I come to class, I receive encouragement, inspiration, and support from EBAB the entire company from the teacher (Ms. Jamella) to the office all the way to the president.  This releases such a confident feeling about what I am reaching for.  I am thankful and grateful for the well instructed and informative teaching program.  Educate Beyond All Barriers is conquered with the detail and helpful instructions given, which leaves no room for misunderstandings or no understanding.  Yet, here at EBAB understanding is present, being given for SUCCESS to MANIFEST.

From Taja G.
Educate Beyond All Barriers does that they actually removes all barriers.  Here is my story:  I have found Educate Beyond All Barriers to be one of the most helpful programs that I have been in.  The staff there has been there for me from the first day that I attended.  My teacher (Ms. Jamella) encourages me and pushes me further in my education so I can accomplish my goals in life.  She has also went further than just a teacher, she has helped me to obtain employment (once again, removing another barrier).  Another person I would like to talk about is Ms. Patti; she has also helped me to get to places I need to go and pushing me to get my education because she says: "education helps with public safety and helps people to be self-sufficient in today's society."  Finally, I am so appreciative that Educate Beyond All Barriers was created to help others like me.  My ultimate goal thanks to Ms. Jamella and Ms. Patti is to obtain my diploma and further my education by looking at a college or university that will take me even further.  But it all started with Educate Beyond All Barriers.