Mission, Goals & Objectives Tab

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to educate and train youths and adults in innovative education and technology programs which foster opportunities to succeed.

Our Objective:

Our primary objective is to give the community the skills needed in order to obtain the opportunity for a better outlook on life and/or a more rewarding career. These exciting education and technology training programs provide skill areas that embrace such programs that can lead to being competitive in the job market today.

 How We Help The Community:

Educate Beyond All Barriers, Inc. is a community based initiative designed to help the disadvantaged in target areas become successful citizens that help provide stronger economies in the communities they live in order to be self-sufficient in today’s society.  


OUR GOALS FOR 2019-2020:

 Our goals for 2019-2020 include:

1). To reduce the number of unemployed individuals in the Indianapolis area. 
2). To provide participants with problem solving and coping skills that will prepare them to be productive, responsible members of the community as professionals and entrepreneurs.
3). To educate 100 at risks youths and adults in Life Skills Workshops (Soft Skills).
4). To educate 60 individuals in HSE/TASC (previously known as GED).
5). To educate 30 individuals (seniors) in basic to advanced computer skills.
6). To establish partnerships with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, business establishments, and/or mentors to ensure continuous assistance for the candidates.

The impact of meeting each of the aforementioned goals is that more individuals and their families are served with higher quality programs yielding better, long-term outcomes.

Our Purpose:

Educate Beyond All Barriers is Indianapolis' premier local hands on training resource center for the general public including economically challenged individuals striving to obtain their High School Equivalency Diploma.  We also utilize Life Skills Workshops (youths and adults) to give students practical information to help solve problems, manage change, develop skills and succeed.  We strive to implement the right tools for success including:  job readiness skills, computer technology skills and Certified Programs to enhance career goals.

“Inspiring Lives, Removing Barriers”